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Who are we? We are diamonte solutions, with PaulinaBerg, we are life experts, and are here to offer free expert coaching to health professionals, counsellors, therapists, doctors and psychologists, who want to improve their jobs.

Why consolidate with

Paulina berg?


I have ten years experience in free coaching, I'm a life expert who has all the answers on everything, down to the tiniest crack and crevice. Including, finances, relationships, problems, and anxiety.

Maybe, you wish to improve your skills and expertise for your job, maybe you wish to improve your finances.

Yes, I can help.

Why should we
ask for Help?

People often fear what they don't understand, but the answer is usually very simple and often quiet easy, more simpler than we expect.

People make their problems difficult, it's often difficult to see outside the box when we are inside it, but in truth the answer is easy, God makes it easy, especially when you're on the outside.

How will I benefit?


Better patient care, more knowledge, expert advice, and quality training for your job.

More financial freedom.

More success.


Loyalty with patients.

Personal success.

Relationship success.

More wealth.

More awareness.



More understanding, patience, love, courage, strength and perseverance.


Ongoing training.

Personal growth.


More information.

Why does it matter? Because like Einstein said, "When we stop learning, we start dying."

Or as T harv Eker says, "If a flower is not growing, it's dying."

Who can ask for help, who can I help?


My intention is to help qualified therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors, and nurses, FBI, police, and spiritual counsellors, and friends. Anyone is welcomed to ask for my expert advice.

You could be a surgeon, and wish to improve your skills, a doctor who wants to understand life and communication skills a bit better, you could be a physicists, who wants to improve their skills.

Or even a entreprenuer with burning questions about work ethics, and the billionaire mindset.




Here are my top get Rich books:

1.Rich dad, poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki

2.Attract money now, Joe Vitale

3.Law of success, Napolean Hill

4.Think and grow rich, Napolean Hill

5.Think like a billionaire, become a billionaire, Scot Anderson

6. You were born rich, Bob proctor

7.Attractor factor, Joe Vitale

8. Secrets of the millionaire mind, T harv Eker

9. The millionaire fast lane, MJ demarco

10. The science of getting rich, Wallace d wattles

11. Law of attraction, Ester and hicks

12.The things that never change, Paulina berg

These books are brilliant when it comes to wealth, if there is one thing we need to do is expand our awareness when it comes to money. Ignorance won't get you anywhere, but accumulating a tonne of knowledge will expand your awareness over a lifetime.

Why do we bother? Because time is money.

And more money leads to more financial freedom and to do more things.

God destined you to be rich, which means, you don't have to be poor to be spiritual and money is not the root of evil.

Forget old paradigms on your beliefs about money.

Change starts from within, and as your inner world changes, so will your outer world.

Here are my top Self-help books for overcoming anxiety:


1.People skills, Robert Bolton

2.What matters most, Hyrym Smith

3.Right and wrong, Hugh Mackay

4.Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman

5.Human body of light, Mitchel Gibson

6. Mind's Eye, Ian Robertson

7.The Will of God, Paulina berg

These books will help you overcome anxiety, why is it good to have no anxiety?

How will it benefit you to live a life without anxiety?

Living a life of anxiety is hard, but it will be harder if you don't take necessary action.

It costs a lot of money to have chaos down the line of life, work, social, financial and relationships.

But you could be living the life of your dreams with sheer confidence,

to read more, do more, and do everything you possibly ever dreamed of.

It costs little to read one book, but what you get is a lifetime of no anxiety. To live a life of freedom and a life free of chaos.

Here are my top books for public speaking:

1.Do you talk funny?: 7 comedy habits to become a better (and funnier) Public speaker, David Nahill

This book has helped me overcome social anxiety,


2. The Comic toolbox, for a wild sense of humour.

Here are my top Sales books:

1.SPIN selling, Miller Heiman

This is good for those who are entrepreneurs or health professionals, who need to market themselves, it's not just about exceeding in sales. It's a good skill set to have for understanding your employers and how good businesses will exceed when it comes to marketing themselves, making sales and for self-advertising.


Why should we read more books?

Because the more we improve ourselves, the more we can improve the world.

The more we change, the further we will ever be from having chaos.

And together, we can change the world!

Paulina Berg


I have awareness to overcome all my problems.

Angelo Leohart




I overcame anxiety and among many other things.

Helen Collings

Will definitely tell all my friends!

Lilly Nguyen





I have the correct beliefs systems about my financial situation.

Brent Higgins

I no longer believe that everything is random, nothing, absolutely nothing is random.

Amy Macintyre



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