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As you can see below, we have the crest and the trough.

Life is a wavelength where the crest is the light in your life, and the trough the ego.

Which, you can see why it's important to talk to those embracing life.

The second diagram below, shows bad future and good future.

Because everything in freewill is negative karma, (for eg. lying, cheating, and theft), and only gets worse.

And thus, negative debt is on the return, hence the trough.

Good future is the crest, where we are aligned with the will of God, and only positive karma is on the return,

whereas, bad future, as we mentioned is the trough.

Your future either gets worse or better.

Because everything is predestined, and it's yin and yang, light and chaos.

The third diagram, if you restrict many potential partners, the greater the desire to love.

Two waves that are the same reinforce each other, like love and love, while two waves that are opposing each other cancel each other out.

Just how love drives out evil.

What do



If you silence the reactive side, and you can have the proactive side all the time.

Notice how the soul is within?
Beneath all the ego?

Our purpose is to truly embrace the soul.

The 99.99% empty space is the spiritual world of imagination.














It's important to only speak to people who are a + sign, those with the right intent.

And by, going by powerful but mega light, how can you not have sheer confidence?

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