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Did you know that everything comes down to sin.

And that you could live a life full of miracles today, if you wanted to.

We haven't been taught right, and societal expectations are vast.

But with the right tools and coaching, we can have the right tools we need to create the reality in which, we desire.

One positive thought, one act of love,

can change your destiny in the right direction, forever.

Does it really come down to having the right mindset and beliefs?

You bet it does! That's it! Right thinking and right speech, that will create lasting fulfilment.

Did you know that the soul has natural desires, desires that are unconscious?

Where the soul desires the soul goes.

But all it takes is the right tools to get the soul's desires in check, to desire the good life, and everything a person ever wanted could be theirs.

No conflicting values, no unconscious and no subconscious conflict from within, but perfect alignment to God.

Music book, PDF by Paulina berg

The things that never change, PDF by Paulina berg

Fables of Kabbalah, PDF by Paulina berg

The Torah explained, PDF by Paulina berg

The Telepath's tale, PDF by Paulina berg

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